Thank you to everyone who nominated a Hometown Hero! We’ve heard some amazing stories of those in our community that have gone above and beyond to help Hawaii.

Hawaii National Bank wants to shed a light on the individuals who go above and beyond every day to help their communities. For six weeks, we gave some Hometown Heroes $100 cash gift. While we are no longer accepting nominations, we are awarding the final set of Hometown Heroes. Check out their stories below.

Meet the Hometown Heroes

Congratulations to these Hometown Heroes who received cash gifts.
Mahalo for what you do!

  • Gordon A

    Utility Company Worker


    Gordon (my uncle) works for a local utility company and throughout these past few months has continued to report to work as an essential worker. He is one of the most selfless people I know, constantly seeking to provide for those around him, especially his family...

  • Christani A.

    EMS Paramedic

    Honolulu, HI

  • Abreu C.


    Bridging the Gap

    Abreu (Abe) C. has volunteered in the homeless, hard to serve, and drug rehabilitation population for over 15 years. He has impacted/served thousands of individuals and families throughout this time and has done so from his heart with no thought to money.

  • Raymond C.


    Honolulu, HI

    Raymond is a Master of Social Work student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He helped organized a donation of 15,000 face masks to our Hawaii nonprofit agencies right at the time when the state announced face masks are required in public.

  • John F.

    Kupuna Needs Project

    Honolulu, HI

    John has been working long hours to serve the community in various ways throughout this covid-19 pandemic. He has been helping many frontline businesses protect their employees and customers while also providing guidance for struggling businesses who are reopening.

  • Shardae I.

    Mail Carrier


    I would like to nominate Shardae I. She is a mail carrier with the USPS. She services the Hawaii Kai Retirement Community with such a positive attitude. Shardae goes out of her way to interact with the kupunas.

  • Valerie J.

    Home Health Care Nurse


    Val is way more than a home health care nurse. She is always positive and helps all people in the community, not just her clients. She and her staff made homemade cloth masks to give out to our community and she consistently educated our community...

  • Dr. Kelly



    Dr. Kelly is a veterinarian who has been extraordinarily generous long before COVID, offering low-cost services to the community's pets and stray animals. But even in the early days of COVID, she was out volunteering her time with animals at the sanctuary at North Shore.

  • Chelsey M.


    Honolulu, HI

    Chelsey is a nurse at Kapiolani Medical Center. Not only does she take care of her patients, but she also educates friends and family about COVID-19 by answering any questions and giving tips on how to be safe.

  • Shara M.

    EMS Paramedic


    Shara is a paramedic and has sacrificed her family life for her job, for which she knows that she's needed. She has continued working through this pandemic, and for her 7 year old son's safety, he has been staying with his grandparents since March 29th.

  • Shyanne M.

    Elementary School Teacher


    Miss M. is a teacher at Keonepoko Elementary School on the Big Island. During this pandemic, Miss M. has gone above and beyond what a teacher should do for her students, making sure they get the distance learning, updating them each day.

  • Tammy N.


    Tammy works tirelessly to manage and care for abandoned cats up and down the windward coast of Oahu. Beach park closures due to COVID only made access harder for Tammy, who already has limited transportation and funds, but dedicates so much...

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